Lauren Reavely

the numbing whispers

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Over the course of the past few decades, the sway of the media and entertainment sector has slowly gained a tighter and tighter grip on our minds. Our minds that once analyzed and discussed and drew conclusions based on the lens through which we chose to see things. But today, the lens is being chosen. The words are being put in our mouths. The conclusions being impressed on our minds.

It's not statistics and cultural trends that I'm talking about. It is, more specifically, the Christian mind I am concerned for. It's you and me. Certainly we are willing to question and refute an argument brought up in conversation. But what about the digital conversations we engage in everyday? Each hour spent watching faces on screens, filling our ears with drum beats, scrolling through cyberspace pages has turned into a one-way conversation. We may criticize the soundtrack, the artist's voice, or the acting, but in the meantime, a particle of thought and influence has latched onto our brains, without even asking permission.

We enjoy the fact that we don't have to think anymore. In fact, that's often precisely why we go to movies or music. We feel like it'll give us a break from thinking. But in reality, we have given an open invitation to our minds to the companies lucky enough to have wrapped their lenses and lies in such an intriguing and beguiling form. Their messages are largely uncontested and are allowed to weasel their way into our thinking.

Don't think I'm anti-entertainment. I just hope to start better filtering what makes its way past my eyes and ears. We like to hold to the argument that what you watch and listen to doesn't significantly impact you, but personally I can't ignore the media's obvious imprints on me and continue to claim it leaves no mark. No, it doesn't change my beliefs; it can't rock my Foundation. But then, that would be too obvious. No, it does a much more subtle work than that. It's greatest power is in its ability to desensitize me. Desensitize me to language that displeases God. Desensitize me to attitudes that displease God. Desensitize me to relationships that displease God. Entertainment has so successfully numbed our minds and hushed our disdain for the sexual immorality so forbidden in the Bible. We entertain ourselves with things which break God's heart. And we barely cringe anymore.

This is why I fear the numbing whispers of entertainment.