Lauren Reavely

follow the leader

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"I will follow You," they say,

"Just don't lead me to my death,

Lead me from clouds of stormy gray.

Surely You'll give me the best."


 "I will follow You," they say

"Won't this mean more blessing?

Higher status, comfort, acceptance,

Will made clear, no second guessing?"


 "I will follow You," they say

"But do You really require my all?

I'll give You Sundays, and maybe some more,

But full obedience is too high a call."


 But interjecting prayers of wind

The one named Master speaks

Calling once more the simple request

"Come to me, the broken and weak."


 "Follow me," the Master says

"Leave your empty life behind.

All your ambitions were strivings of wind,

Come and exchange them for mine."


 "Follow me," the Master says

"Though comfort and ease it may cost.

Prepare to be hated, rejected, berated.

My will is the way of the cross."


 "Follow me," the Master says

"You could have it no better way.

I give joy in trials, strength for the miles,

'Til I welcome you home on that Day."