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a forever movement

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one class in and I'm already feeling the first wave of sentimentality regarding this era of my life. and it really is incredible, this season that I'm in. and it really does fly. and I wonder how I'll handle moving on come summer. and I wonder what I'll do next, where I'll go. but as I see my fingers wrapping tight, grasp closing on this good gift, I remember four simple words:

'seek first the Kingdom.'

how blatantly I disregard this or distort its imperative truth. I want to seek first teenpact where I've been changed, where I've met some of my favorite people, where I've had the most memorable experiences. but teenpact is not an end but a means. if it furthers the kingdom that God is growing in this world or better equips me to take part in that work in the future, then it is of actual consequence. but if it does a million good things but this, I must run! I must not waste time on efforts that are not Kingdom efforts.

this changes how I view the looming end of teenpact. if I'm in it for the Kingdom's sake (which is a forever movement), then I can stand to part with a temporary season or tool that God used.

this is why this season, I want to stand on Jesus as my rock. I want to worship the change that Jesus does in hearts, not teenpact. I want to preach the eternal government, not primarily the state's. I want to be in the business of making disciples, not politicians.

with this as my eternal anchor and driving purpose, the passing of time and seasons cannot shake me.