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Crazy to already be half way through the year, but 2013 has proven to be an incredibly stretching and joy-filled year for me. I’ve kept busy traveling to many new places with TeenPact Leadership School, teaching a hands-on government class to students, with the goal of raising up young Christian leaders who impact their communities and their world for Jesus. As I wrap up this internship and look ahead to what God has next for me, I see a trend in where He’s leading me and what He’s asking of me. The theme is the gospel, the ministry is to young people needing Jesus, and the place is new and outside my context.

This summer, I’m joining a team headed to the Czech Republic to put on a week-long English camp, through the organization Josiah Venture. Josiah Venture uses these camps as a tool to bring the gospel to their young people, many of whom have never heard about Jesus.

Czech is one of the most atheistic countries in the world, as much of Christianity in Czech was suppressed during the largely communistic rule during the 1900′s. Consequently, most Czechs are extremely skeptical of religion and deny that there is any sort of God at all, and less than 0.33% of the country professes Christianity.

Yet a new generation is rising—young men and women who have lived free from the Communist regime, and who are growing into strong and open-minded leaders. Josiah Venture seeks to invest into the lives of these individuals, and to see “a movement of God among the youth of Central and Eastern Europe that finds its home in the local church and transforms society.”

So, July 8-24, my team and I will:


Teach English to students who are learning it as a second language.


Build relationships with dozens of Czech students who may have never heard of Jesus.


Engage with their families and communities by living in Czech homes for a couple days.


Connect those students with their local churches after camp is over to help set them up for lasting discipleship.

This is a job description so far beyond my qualifications and outside my context, but God promises to go with us and so I’m banking on many prayers and much faith this trip. As my team and I prepare to go, would you be willing to support us by praying with us? We would greatly appreciate prayer for:


Health, safety, and team unity


That God would use this time to help provide direction for my next steps


For strong and fruitful relationships with my team, the Czech students, and the churches we’ll be     working with


That God would reveal Himself in this spiritually dark nation, and that many will receive Him


For our English Camp, that God would use it to bear much fruit, both this summer and into the future

The cost of this trip is roughly $2400 per team member, much of which I still need to raise—so your support, no matter the quantity, will make a difference! If you would like to partner with me in this ministry, you can make a tax-deductible donation online at


Thank you so much for your continual encouragement and influence in my life. I’m very excited to watch God work through this trip and am thrilled to get to partner with other people (like you!) for His Kingdom work.