Lauren Reavely

the most puzzling paradox

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perhaps the greatest mystery, most puzzling paradox.

God in flesh stoops to knees. He fills wash basin and cups dirt-caked heels in hands. the feet of his traitors, his forsakers, his friends. He rinses and scrubs. their dirt He takes on.

God in flesh falls to knees. His body, He breaks--blood, spills. cups sin-stained hearts in pierced-through hands. rinses and scrubs hearts of traitors, forsakers, enemies, rivals, and dearly-loved children. their sin He takes on.

and He tells me to follow.

"you, the servant, think you're something else. you, like all of your race, long to be served. but you're not above me, your master. so if I kneel, if I serve, if I wash, if I stoop, if I break, if I enter the mess--so do you."

and this is my life purpose in simple terms of bruised knees and wrinkled hands and big heart that follow the way of Jesus.

and as I pour out, making messes but refreshing souls, Jesus promises to tend to me. He'll still pour water, like grace, over my weary soul.

"There is always enough God. He has no end. He calls us to serve, and it is Him whom we serve, but He, very God, kneels down to serve us as we serve. The servant-hearted never serve alone.
"Spend the whole of your one wild and beautiful life investing in many lives, and God simply will not be outdone. God extravagantly pays back everything we give away and exactly in the currency that is not of this world but the one we yearn for: joy in Him."
- Ann Voskamp

When Jesus commissions us--"wash each other's feet. serve each other as I serve you."--he puts our service in the context of the gospel. just as He stopped low and entered humanity and washed feet and died undeserving, we stoop low, serve the ungrateful and undeserving, give grace free and full. and those actions become the gospel script, the echoes and reverberations of God's grace to a dying and broken world.

Jesus doesn't call for more manners, for more polite gestures. He breaks the social barriers, goes against the tide of cultural coldness and lack of compassion, and calls us to lowliness, inconvenience, and self-crucifixion.

Love is the laying down of LIFE.