Lauren Reavely

Freedom in Forgetfulness

Poetry, Rants, BibleLauren EdmondsComment

Just a small poem from a few months ago. It's a process, but Jesus is gradually giving me this freedom, the freedom in forgetting myself and having eyes outward instead. And I pray for the masses to be liberated as well.

The world in motion is the outworking

Of a series of motives and drives,

All misdeeds resulting from one

Or many broken things inside.


Fingers point to Anger or Greed,

The blame often falls on Hate,

But the world doesn’t see the disease

Lodged in their glorified trait.


It’s a member that suffers an illness,

Is bloated from ingrowth and maimed.

But society preaches to its growth,

Says to nurture it all the same.


You may have heard of Ego,

Claimed an invaluable virtue

But let me tell you of his shrouded,

Hidden works within you.


A vain, narcissistic heart he has,

Cannot put down the mirror;

He consults with self to comfort;

Smiles to hide the fear.


For he cringes, writhes, and shrieks

When a word harsh lodges deep.

The remark as dagger jabs; he flares,

His glory fights to keep.


How deceptive the guiles of Ego,

Promising what he cannot give

“Bow and twist and compromise

And earn and you will live.”


He whispers soft and comforts,

But dark is his intent.

He strokes and soothes, but binds

To slavery he has sent.


If you look, you’ll see the symptoms

Of his victims walking dead.

They seek to live, but gasp beneath

Their master’s rod instead


They are not bound, yet still comply

No shackles, but bow the knee

Without a fight, they follow, as if

They didn’t care to be free.


For he’s trained them well to guard

His ever-fragile existence;

Interlocked their breath and life,

Defied any sign of resistance.


But their virtual chains can loosen:

They’re not bound to serve his devices!

There is potential for a joy beyond,

Unless they find his suffices.


But the irony is in the means of escape,

Where force won’t save soul or skin.

The harder the effort, the tighter you’re bound;

Freedom comes when you forget him.