Lauren Reavely

Mike & Barb | 50 Years

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I first met Barb in a little cafe to talk about her 50th anniversary party. We chatted and dreamed for an hour about her event, then she started asking me about my life, my family, my upcoming trip, asked how she could pray for me, and said goodbye with a hug.

There are few people that make you feel like a long-lost friend, like family, within the first hour of conversation.  And when I met Mike a few weeks later at their 50th anniversary celebration, it was no wonder they were 50-years happy together. They are equally endearing, caring, humble, and kind. 

We decided to follow up the party with a portrait shoot a couple weeks later on their actual anniversary and the Columbia River served as the perfect backdrop.

Enjoy this glimpse into the delightful, enduring relationship of Mike and Barb--clearly best friends and still delighted by each other daily.

Congratulations on 50 years, Mike and Barb!