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A whole new world

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A little good news and bad news here.

Bad news, my trusty and ancient camera, a good ole Canon 20D, decided it was puckered out as I was wrapping up an event a couple months ago. I felt helpless and naked with no working camera in my hands.

But lo and behold (the good news!), just so happens that a couple hours before heading to the airport to take off for a month in Europe, I found a winning Canon 5D Mark II and made her my own! One of the major perks to this upgrade was the new video feature I didn't previously have. ::cue the song "A Whole New World" from Aladdin:: 

Ahem. Anyways, you shall hear (and see!) more of these Europe adventures later, but in the meantime, thought I'd share my first dive into the world of video. I must say, I love it. It takes the beauty of emotions of photography and brings it to life, making the moments and the people feel that much more real. And if there's any place on earth, any people I would choose to bring alive for you tonight, it's these precious friends of mine from Prague, Czech Republic. They have my heart.