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Across the Atlantic

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Rather pitiful that I'm just now sharing about my week traveling through four countries, with my faithful and true, Julia, along for the adventure, what with it being almost two months and a season ago. But I still reflect and smile at that memory-packed week, filled with golden moments, aching feet, laughter to tears, packed train cars, and the most picturesque scapes.  

[from my journal, 7.28.14]

"Le Petit Cafe in Ljubljana, the most charming location to put your feet up and process and enjoy a friend and the dreary day outside. Plus, they have the best food--pancakes with Nutella and banana, chocolate muffins, perfect eggs, cappuccino. I'm pleasantly impressed. But I've been sitting here for three hours staring at my journal, wondering where in the world to begin with the pen. There's been so much spinning and racing through my brain. 

I think about Czech and the world and America and where I belong. I came here wondering what might be next, praying for some kind of direction, any kind of confirmation. I want to wait--I hesistate--for that confirmation. 'Lauren, this is where you need to plant.' A spotlight on where to root myself and invest all. But reality is setting in at this point in the trip:

My home isn't anywhere earth offers. I'll always miss somewhere else. My heart will be spread far and wide. I'll be restless and then I'll be exhausted. I could always find a reason why I shouldn't be where I am at the time, why to move on. Truth is, I could search endless jobs and locations and relationships for what will be fulfilling, but it's the same as what I wrote here in my journal around this time last year. No matter the life changes, I have to come back to these three things:

+ Jesus satisfies.

+ Trust Him.

+ Choose joy. now. here.

If I could learn these three, then take me wherever you see fit, God--with plenty or little, with community or alone, in Oregon or global. I can find purpose. I can rest and find joy. I can live full.

Because it's not perfect relationships. It's not ministry. It's not travel or adventure. It's not wealth and success that's going to fulfill me.

With Jesus, I have all."