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Andie | Springtime Escapes

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You know those people that are so woven into your life, such an inseparable part of who you are, that you're not really even sure where they entered the scene or what would look different had they not found their way in? Andie, was one of those family friends turned friend turned family. And I simply wouldn't be where I am, certainly as a photographer and artist, but even just as a human, had God not graced me with her life and friendship. She's one of those photographers who is generous with her talent and dared to let me hold her camera years back and dared again too many times to count. She's one of those brave women who trust Jesus with their lives and love and forgive people deeply.

I continue to learn from her and geek out and ask a million questions and drop in unexpected and beg her to go exploring new places with me. And so far it's led to some pretty thrilling  adventures!