Lauren Reavely

Peace on Earth

Poetry, RantsLauren EdmondsComment

Peace on earth—

A distant theme

When unrest billows round.

The world it aches,

Hearts they break,

And life itself is unsound.


Fresh from the womb

We’re longing, longing

Longing to belong,

But we strive for wind,

And earth of sin

Groans her mournful song.


There is no peace 

In body aches

First breath, and death draws near

Each day we sigh

And learn to die,

The grave slowly stealing our years.


There is no peace

In wife against spouse

Nor stranger against a child

A lawsuit against brother,

A son against mother—

All relations have been exiled.


There is no peace

In deadly winds

Tearing at house and land,

In rising water,

Or raging fire—

Earth turned against man.


There is no peace 

In world division,

When nation strikes another.

Piercing shrapnel,

Life-scarring battle,

Brother against a brother.


Could there be peace

On earth of grief

And in souls torn by curse?

Could there be peace

When questions asked

Return empty to the source? 


Yes, peace came,

Came to earth,

God of peace as man.

And He’ll come again,

Reverse the trend,

And finish restoration began.


He comforts the broken,

Lays bare the masked,

To the ashamed gives worth,

Binds up the breaking,

Heals the aching,

Reversing the curse on earth.


He is our hope,

Hope for weary world,

Find Him and be refreshed.

He is our peace,

Peace come to earth,

Find Him and let your soul rest.