Lauren Reavely

The Wealth of Loving

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The kitchen door cracked open and she stumbled through, arms loaded with softball gear, hair dripping from three hours of braving the rain. "Welp, I made Varsity!"

This time it was a grin that cracked open on her lips and spread to her eyes. Yes, this is her third year on Varsity, but it's still a thrill for this girl who has poured heart and soul and limb into her sport. And this is one of those special nights when I get to see a common face and familiar girl with the fog of the "ordinary" cleared. Her beauty blazes in the room and every word off her lips is precious, each paired with a laugh.

I won't pretend we've always gotten along. We were as most sister pairs – the younger mimicking the older and the older distancing from the younger. But when years pass and the span between the two doesn't seem so stark anymore, you might want to look again. That little sister has probably grown up, not to be just like you, but to be a rare and wild creature – quite herself.

Or at least seeking to find herself. And if I'm honest, I'm still seeking to do the same. We busy ourselves and rush our lives desperately hoping to find our true selves in the process, to prove something, to make a name. But I think we'd be surprised at how much we would find if we'd allow ourselves to be lost and swallowed up in the loving of others.

And so I have Vincent Van Gogh's words pinned to my wall to remind me that these artistic endeavors and wild business ventures are secondary – how much richer the reward of being known for my love.

"I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people."

I'm sure there are more profound words that could be said here, but the sounds of giggles and shuffling cards beckon me downstairs.