Lauren Reavely



Over the last couple years, we've had the privilege of working with Chipotle on four different occasions to create imagery for their social media campaigns. Yes, the food is a huge perk when shooting for one of your favorite restaurant chains. Also, getting to shoot with friends and share food and lots of laughter – all in the name of "work".


session one

Our local Chipotle has the most lovely large windows, which helped us a show off this casual but vibrant meal with friends. Give me all the bright light – it's my favorite! 

But let me tell you, it's harder than it looks to bite/cut into a burrito and have it look camera-ready! 

Session Two

In preparation for the shoot, I wandered through the produce section in the grocery store, mesmerized by the vivid array of colors. The goal of this session was to capture that color and the beauty of the raw ingredients that make up each menu item. Such a fun and artistic challenge!

session three

This shoot focused on beverages and the variety of drink options that Chipotle offers. It was a drizzly fall day, so we utilized the cloudy light and those Oregonians' vests and flannel to highlight the season.